Casey's Corner 5


“Step up to the plate”… at Casey’s Corner for good old-fashioned baseball park food. Enjoy a taste of “America’s pastime” favorites… from hot dogs to cotton candy to Cracker Jacks.

Casey's Corner 2

The name Casey’s Corner is a tribute to the classic poem of American literature, “Casey at the Bat”, written by Ernest Thayer, and first published in The San Francisco Examiner in 1888… the year displayed on the shop’s signage. There may be “no joy in Mudville”, as the famous line goes, yet there’s fun and good food to be found at this eatery…

Casey's Corner

Reminiscent of an olde tyme soda shop, Casey’s Corner features three styles of hot dogs in either classic or foot-long… all served with that most American of sides, French fries! The pitcher may “put a little mustard on the ball”… yet you may want mustard, relish and onions on Casey’s traditional hot dog.

Casey's Corner 4

“Swing for the fences”… with the Chili Cheese Hot Dog topped with chili and Cheddar. Or “Hit a grand slam”… with the Barbecue Slaw Dog topped with pulled pork, coleslaw and BBQ sauce.

Casey's Corner 3

“Send it into extra innings”… with Corn Dog Nuggets, Cotton Candy, Brownies and Cracker Jacks. Order up a soda or lemonade slushy in a Casey’s Batter Up! souvenir cup.

Casey's Corner 1

Enjoy your meal on the terrace surrounded by the sights of Magic Kingdom… even parades and fireworks. Catch the sounds of old ragtime piano playing live outside the eatery. If there’s a “rain delay” or you just want to cool off, there are wooden ballpark bleacher seats indoors and showings of classic Disney baseball cartoons. All in all, Casey’s Corner could be considered a “perfect game”, and definitely a Disney Must-See Spot.