Step inside the Magic Eye Theater in Future World for a time of pure entertainment. Disney fans of all ages will love these animated shorts combining 3D and 4D experiences. Just put on your 3D glasses and watch as these imaginative films “burst to life on the big screen… and in the theater… like never before”.


  • “Get a Horse!” meshes the beloved vintage black and white Disney films with the current day state-of-the-art animation techniques. 3D effects and 4D “rollicking fun” has Mickey Mouse and his friends literally bursting into the audience. Mickey, who is voiced by Walt Disney himself, endeavors to save his sweetheart Minnie from the clutches of Peg-Leg Pete who attempts to run their wagon off the road.
  • For the Birds comically portrays the clique mentality as a group of birds on a wire mock a rather different bird who seeks to win their friendship. The birds of a feather face the consequences in an amusing ending.
  • La Luna is a timeless coming of age tale told in a heartwarming fashion. The animation comes to life magically as a young boy learns the fantastical line of work of his Papa and Grandpa. He must decide whether to follow the age-old traditions of his family or find his own way.

The pre-show airs interviews with some of the visionaries of Pixar who share the origins of this animation studio and their many animated film successes. You’ll learn the inspiration behind such movies as Toy Story as well as the story behind the Pixar logo with its lovable Luxo lamp.


Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival is a perfect place to relax between attractions at Epcot… and to enjoy a time of laughs and entertainment. Be sure to make return visits to the Magic Eye Theater since new short films are always debuting.