If you live in the U.S. or pick up a “grey market” feed of U.S. television you have no doubt seen ads for the now huge buffet chain Golden Corral.  If you are not located near one to try it for yourself you may well be tempted with it when in Orlando.

So is it worth it?  Should you go when in town?

Well if you love southern cooking and big portions at a very down to home reasonable price then you will likely enjoy yourself.  If you like gourmet food, “yankee food”, or on a diet this place will still fill you up well but you might not have a good enough time to really want to choose this place.

Golden Corral is on I-Drive, if you don’t know Orlando this means you will likely pass by it, and is family friendly, popular, and cheap at lunch and reasonable for dinner.


I consider myself a foodie (working mostly on CheeseburgerBlog.com) so when I am in Orlando I would go elsewhere, but also Golden Corral is a few miles from my home too.

Prices currently include *unlimited ribs and wings, they are good and unlimited, you just can only get 2 before sitting down and eating them, but can keep going back for more.  Everything else is traditional buffet style, pile it high, and no one cares if you finish it even 🙂

Breakfast and lunch are under $10 and dinner is about $13.  Be sure and tip your server though cause they make less than minimum wage and rely on tips just like all servers.