At last… the long-awaited and much anticipated opening of two new rides at Epcot… Soarin’ Around the World in its newly remodeled venue, taking guests on an exciting, first-ever journey across the globe… and the all new Frozen Ever After at the Norway Pavilion, with a special meet & greet venue at the Royal Sommerhus for Princess Anna and Queen Elsa.


The most popular of rides at Epcot has undergone a total reimagining. The ride is completely different from the original, after three years in the making. Disney shared this… “We’re taking our guests on this epic journey that spans six continents and shows them some of the greatest wonders of the world, like the Great Wall of China.”  Key world landmarks, including Sydney Harbor in Australia, are among many scenes shot with ultra high definition cameras mounted on helicopters. The new movie version uses a state-of-the-art laser projection system, and is now shown in three theaters to better accommodate the crowds. Lighting, special effects and view lines have all been redesigned and new scents have been added to create a fully immersive experience. The new Soarin’ Around the World is impressive!

Soarin' Around the World


“Frozen” fans will love the new Frozen Ever After attraction. The ride features a Summer Snow Day celebration where Queen Elsa gains her full powers and creates winter again. Guests are invited to her ice palace to celebrate with all their favorite Frozen characters. Disney shared that the familiar songs from the movie are recorded by the original film cast. The Norway Pavilion has nearly doubled in size with the addition of the Norwegian country village. Here the Royal Sommerhus, Anna and Elsa’s summer retreat, houses a meet and greet area for these royal sisters. Once inside, you will feel as if you are in Arendelle, with a view to the North Mountain and snowy fjords out the windows. The Royal Sommerhus is patterned after an actual folk museum in the tiny town of Trondheim in Norway. Disney Imagineers have amazingly recreated a piece of Norway with this pavilion’s expansion!

Frozen Ever After 1

Two magically new attractions at Epcot… just waiting for your next visit.