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“Everything begins with a story”… This belief has been the driving force behind all Disney creations… from rides and attractions… to restaurants and resorts… to theme parks and cruise lines. Nothing begins until the underlying storyline is firmly established. Then all creative ideas are poured into the new venture. A perfect example is Disney Springs, the reimagined Downtown Disney, with its brand new neighborhood, Town Center

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Old Florida’s turn-of-the-century riverfront towns and natural freshwater springs were the inspiration behind the rethemed Disney Springs, whose centerpiece was chosen to be a recreated “natural” Florida spring. The Disney story begins with settlers in the early 1900’s traveling down river, drawn to the natural beauty of the area and this spring. This welcoming waterfront town, over time, grew into four neighborhoods… Town Center, The Landing, The West Side and The Marketplace.

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Disney Imagineers shared about creating an authentic bubbling spring… “It represents not only the power and beauty of nature, but optimism and possibilities… It’s the heart of our whole storyline.” Constructing an accurate representation of this natural wonder of Florida was not without challenges. After much research, development and travel to Florida’s springs, along with the artistic talents of Imagineers, the project began. The spring’s pigmented cement base was sculpted to a natural flow and embedded with brightly colored glass to cause it to “glitter”. Natural live oaks and cypress trees were saved, and now adorn the banks of the spring. The result is amazing!

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Disney had a vision for Town Center, the only neighborhood newly built, to have the warmth, charm and nostalgia of an old-fashioned small riverfront town. The “natural” spring runs throughout the area and the signature water tower marks its entrance. The architecture is Spanish revival, with fountains and native landscaping incorporated into its design. The finished product is beautiful.

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Disney wants visitors to feel immersed into Florida’s rich heritage and natural beauty. “We hope guests fall in love… Our hope is that creating something so authentic, guests will really get a feel for what natural Florida is like.” The reimagining of Disney Springs has been three years in the making. Yet we believe it to be well worth the wait!