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The only thing recognizable on the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Islands of Adventure since its reopening is its radical twists and turns. Hulk has undergone an amazing metamorphosis, creating an exciting, high-tech experience…

Hulk Coaster 1

An all new marquee greets you with its centerpiece colossal figure of The Hulk “holding up” the coaster. Fun fact: The pieces he has clenched in his hands are actually taken from the original coaster.

Hulk Coaster 3

A new storyline for the ride unfolds… You are a volunteer in General Thaddeus Ross’ experiment. Warning: You will be exposed to high gamma radiation levels — a technique invented by Dr. Bruce Banner called “Hulk-a-fication” — which is potentially life-altering! You will gain enormous strength and powerful energy. Yet… Will you become a military super soldier or… ? Will the results be for good or…??

Hulk Coaster 2

A new queue immerses you into the story. The state-of-the-art military research center commanded by General Ross opens up before you. Laboratories performing bio-radiological experiments, mysterious and ethically questionable, surround you. You arrive at the Gamma Core sending intense radiation upwards to fuel General Ross’ experiment. A thick plane of glass “protects” you from harm at the radioactive core. You then watch your fellow volunteers ahead of you undergo the dangerous “Hulk-a-fication” process.

Hulk Coaster

New sleek vehicles await you on the loading platform. Sparks fly around you as the Gamma accelerator powers up to blast you with superhuman strength. Aboard your vehicle is your own audio system playing an original score by Fall Out Boy. You launch through the tunnel filled with impressive special effects and fly over Super Hero Island with super human strength!

Hulk, one of America’s favorite coasters, has been transformed in a big way from the original. Yet The Incredible Hulk Coaster still has its “incredible” personality. In the new ride experience… no one will be disappointed!